Our Services

We are responsible and committed

We offer a comprehensive set of services to our partners, ranging from product development and design to shipment of apparel. The operational processes are fine-tuned constantly to ensure that stringent quality and detail standards are maintained through each step. The specialised nature of each individual service allows our customers to fulfill highly specific and customised requirements.


We have experienced, committed and dedicated merchandising teams to work closely with each of our customers. Our team of merchandisers manages the lifecycle of each garment, directing our supply base to accurately deliver product on time and to the required standard. A wealth of experience in production ensures that critical paths are closely monitored, maintained and solutions to any challenges are quickly identified and resolved. Each account has a team dedicated to it with a representative always available to provide real time updates or options on future developments.


Supplier Identification

We identify new suppliers based on their quality product range, financial status, infrastructure, man power and efficiency of management. We continuously update our information on new manufacturers and new products. Information pertaining to new varieties of value additions, fabric, trims, accessories, and new technology area and quota availability are also updated.

Selection of Vendors

We assess the factories in terms of product range, quality of the product made, production capacity, facilities, financial capability, technology orientation, man power, working environments & conditions, managerial efficiency and their overall quality policy. Once our initial assessment is over we exchange information with our principals and make a combined decision in approving an identified vendor.


Samples are developed to suit the season's colors, fabric and style based of our buyer's requirements. Any number of salesman samples are made according to the buyers' requirements and courier them directly to the buyers. By offering these crucial services, we assist our buyers marketing efforts in their own country by giving them an edge over others.

Quality Checking, Assurance and Testing

Our Quality control team performs quality assurance from cutting, through stitching all the way to final packing. Our Technical team are on-hand to monitor fits, workmanship, specs to ensure only the highest quality goods are produced. With strict QC checks and our own in- house laboratory, in addition to our factories own QC procedures, Quality control is our top priority. Our Quality monitoring system includes four stages as per the agreed upon AQL level.

Pre-Production Check

Risks are reduced by checking material components, trims, accessories at this stage.

Initial Production Check

First finished products are checked against buyer’s specification and prototype sample. Deviations are identified and brought out for correction.

During Production Check

Inspection during production is carried out to check and verify that the initial discrepancies have been rectified and to ensure the average quality standard of production runs.

Final Random Inspection

Final random inspection is carried out when the total consignment is packed and ready for shipment. FRI is performed according to the International Inspection Standards. The detailed physical inspection of the samples selected at random is based on specifications of the buyers and it cover the criteria such as design / style, shrinkage, accessories, appearance, markings, color, labeling, material, assortments, workmanship, measurements, packing etc.

Laboratory Testing

Laboratories are an extremely valuable component of our services and also facilitate the manufacturer – exporters to transact their business with least quality risk. For testing, we work with SGS, BVCPS & ITS. Laboratory services include:

  • Fabric: Construction particulars (counts, constructions and weight), Strength, Measurement and Seam performance.
  • Analysis: Flammability, Dimensional Stability (Shrinkage) to washing / dry cleaning, Appearance after washing /dry cleaning, Fibber analysis, etc.
  • Color Fastness: Color fastness to washing, Perspiration, Light, Rubbing, Bleaching, Dry cleaning, Organic Solvents, Hot pressing, etc. Dyes & Pigment tests are also carried out.
  • Garment: Dimensional Stability to washing / dry cleaning, Appearance after washing / dry cleaning is tested.

Compliance and Safety

We strongly believe our members and everyone associated with us deserve the best possible environment in which to conduct their work. Our teams are embedded in our own factories and those we work with to ensure standards are well above the minimum and our own stringent levels of compliance are met. Through the management structure of our compliance team we specifically appoint safety guardians for social and labour welfare, ethics, building, structural and environmental wellbeing. Our people are key to our success and their wellbeing is always at the forefront of our thinking.

Shipping and Logistics

Our in-house shipping and logistics team allows to efficiently process and manage the delivery and logistical needs of our customer orders. A specialist member of our team is on hand to process payments, arrange and update shipping documentation, negotiate with freight forwarders on our customer’s behalf and deliver on any special arrangements in real time.

Working Procedure & Shipment

For production, we prefer to ensure the following steps:

  • Buyer provides us all details of the objective product.
  • We do the consumption and costing in our office.
  • We offer the buyer the costing that should be feasible and then, we negotiate if it is necessary. In the negotiation, we prioritize an aspect which allows our buyers to avail exclusive products at the competitive price.
  • We submit the Pro-forma Invoice
  • Buyer issues us TRANSFERABLE LC, then
  • Production process commences.
  • During production, we send sample to buyer again if necessary.
  • After finish production, Quality check & packing, we go for shipment in time.